References are the best evidence of an applicant's potential


by Jesse Plunkett Posted on 1 year ago


The best evidence of an applicant’s future work ethic and behavior is their past work ethic and behavior, not what they claim about themself in an interview. This qualifies the experiences of past employers and educators as the most valuable evidence for what future employers can expect.

Without this early evidence, the qualified candidates who advance in interviews are those with the biggest claims and best interview skills, not necessarily the best workers. This is dangerous when up to 53% of resumes contain a lie, and 70% of college students say they would lie if it meant getting the job. It’s also wholly unfair to the best workers.

How is it possible that a jobseeker can make incredible workplace contributions for a decade, only for future employers to never know unless the jobseeker makes it through the first three interviews? It’s not that hiring managers don’t appreciate the value of quality references; references from existing employees are a primary driver of hiring decisions. According to SHRM, references are the most common assessment measure for Executive level candidates.

References are underutilized because reference checks are time-consuming and often fruitless, so hiring managers can’t request and call the references for hundreds of applicants. Hiring managers know terrific candidates slip through the cracks, but there is not much they can do about it.

Exceptional jobseekers are eager to display the experiences of their past superiors; that’s why we built SafeHire. With your profile, you can capture the attention of hiring managers and establish your credibility with upfront references from validated sources. Hiring managers simply click the link on your resume to see your short written or video reference(s), along with the provider’s validated professional email address.

High-quality, upfront references alone aren’t enough to land you the job but will dramatically improve your chances of landing quality interviews.

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