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by Jesse Plunkett Posted on 1 year ago


It’s never been harder to stand out and land interviews. With the universality of online applications, jobseekers can apply with a single click and spam their resume to hundreds of employers. In 2015, Glassdoor estimated 250 applications for the average job opening; that number has only risen since.

Hiring managers wade through hundreds of nearly identical resumes, seeking qualified candidates who can capture their interest. In turn, desperate jobseekers pack their resumes full of “action verbs,” experiment with different formats, and pray for a call.

After years of educational excellence or stellar workplace contributions, the best candidates lose interviews to those who are better at “tooting their own horn.” The modern hiring process is anything but meritocratic.

How is it possible that the experiences and insights of a candidate’s past superiors only come into play after a candidate has already made it through the first 3-5 interviews? Because reference checks are incredibly time-consuming and often fruitless, they were moved to the end of the hiring process.

Hiring managers crave high-quality references. That’s why internal references drive so much hiring; they can’t spend endless hours trying to contact references. This is a problem that proactive candidates can solve. In fact, SafeHire started after a candidate first solved this problem for us and earned the job.

By applying with upfront, validated testimonials from credible sources, you can stand out immediately as the most credible candidate. This is what SafeHire allows you to do. Easily gather compelling testimonials, then link your SafeHire URL in your resume’s contact info section. Add emphasis by highlighting your testimonials in your resume’s summary section.

The best way to stand out and land quality interviews is by problem-solving for hiring managers, not using “action verbs.” Why leave it up to chance for hiring managers to find out your superiors thought you were exceptional?

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