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Introduce yourself by video

Fortune 500 recruiters are 62% more interested in hiring applicants who apply with a verbal pitch.*

Use SafeHire to easily script, record, & apply anywhere with your personal video introduction. Stand out as a human, not just another resume.

Employer & educator testimonials

Hiring managers can't call every applicant’s references, allowing even the best applicants to fall through the cracks.

Apply with upfront, validated testimonials from the most credible sources to earn more interviews.

Achievement Portfolio

53% of resumes contain lies, so hiring managers discount claims made without evidence.

Use your Portfolio to publish and receive full credit for your achievements, such as:

  • Performance reviews
  • Awards
  • Transcripts & scholarships
  • Gig-work ratings
  • and more....

Link your SafeHire profile

on your application and highlight your Intro Video & Testimonials on your resume’s Summary Statement.

I ask all our applicants to provide a SafeHire profile. Any candidate thoughtful enough to provide validated references gets prioritized.

— Kristy Krempski, HR-Director

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* The Sound of Intellect Research