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Get your application noticed

Link your SafeHire URL on your application and highlight your intro video & testimonials on your summary statement.

Apply with targeted video pitches

Land 62% more interviews by applying with employer-specific video pitches.*

Use SafeHire to easily script, record, & apply anywhere with a targeted video pitch. Share why you're a perfect fit for their job, not just another resume.

Let your past employers do the bragging for you

Apply with upfront, compelling testimonials from past employers to stand out immediately. Don’t leave it up to chance for hiring managers to find out your past employers loved you.

Hiring managers hate conducting reference checks. They’ll love you for applying with high-quality, validated testimonials upfront.

Past workplace superiors, HR officers, & educators may easily provide you a lasting written/video testimonial in under 3 minutes.

Feature your achievements with your Portfolio

People exaggerate on dating profiles and resumes. Hiring managers can’t vet every claim, so they discount claims without evidence.

Use your Portfolio to publish and receive full credit for your achievements, such as:

  • Performance Reviews
  • Awards
  • Scholarships
  • Gig-work ratings
  • Work samples
  • Transcripts
  • and more...

Validate your strongest soft skills

92% of executives say soft skills are equal to or more important than technical skills.

Publish evidence of your highest ranking soft and hybrid skills from SafeHire’s video-authenticated, time-constrained, and randomized assessments.

You The Rest

You apply with:

  • A short, personal video introduction.
  • Compelling written and video testimonials from past employers.
  • Evidence of your past accomplishments with your Portfolio.
  • Validated soft skills, measured by unbiased assessments, not self-evaluation.

They claim:

  • “References available only upon request.”
  • “I’ve exceeded expectations at all workplaces.”
  • “I’m a hard worker and problem solver.”
  • "Trust me...."

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