How to Create Your Video Resume in 2022


by Jesse Plunkett Posted on 2 months ago


So, you’ve heard video resumes are all the rage. Employers want them, and everything eventually moves over to video-based platforms. You may as well be ahead of the curve.

A video resume can help you display strengths that don’t show on a traditional resume, such as your enthusiasm, professionalism, and communication skills.

89% of recruiters say they would watch a video resume, compared to the mere 6 seconds they spend on the average resume. Your video resume earns you additional attention, while allowing you to break the monotony for recruiters and connect as a human.

You are more than your resume. It’s up to you to show them.

When the recruiter sees your enthusiasm, smile, and professionalism, it allows them to picture you handing a customer, or just being pleasant to work with. At the end of the day, recruiters want to hire someone who will make a good co-worker. Your video resume allows you to signal that’s you, and there’s strong research backing it up.


The data on video resumes

The University of Chicago studied how recruiters from Microsoft, Deloitte, and Goldman Sachs responded to applicants who submitted a spoken pitch vs. a traditional written pitch.

Applicants with spoken submissions were perceived as over 50% higher in intellect, general impression (likability), and likelihood of hiring.

A 40% advantage moves the needle in a big way. Large enough that I have to ask: Why wouldn’t you include a video pitch with your application?

Watch a clip of my interview with Juliana Schroeder, a researcher on the study, below:



A recruiter's perspective on video resumes

Recruiters constantly endure wasted interviews with unenthusiastic candidates. Your video resume is your chance to show you’re excited to get to work and won’t take an interview for granted. They won’t have this assurance from competing applicants, setting you up to win the first job interview.

Recruiters are more likely to hire someone they connect with, and they can’t connect with any of the traditional resumes coming in. When they see your enthusiasm, professionalism, and smile, it’s easy to picture you as an ideal co-worker.


How to create your video introduction

While your video resume grants you additional time, you still need to be considerate. Don’t expect them to watch a 3-minute video. Give them a brief pitch by video, 30 to 45 seconds, in addition to your traditional resume to glance over.

What you say in your video pitch matters, but not as much as how you say it. If you try to memorize and recite your pitch word-for-word, showing passion may be difficult. SafeHire provides a script that you can easily customize, then read off the screen while you’re recording, like a teleprompter. You could also try going script-free, and just use bullet points to guide your video pitch.

In any case, here’s a list to help you create your video resume:


  • Set your camera at eye-level. It shouldn't look up or down at your face.
  • Keep lighting in front of you, not behind you.
  • Dress as you would for a job interview.
  • Display focus by keeping your attention on the camera during the entire recording.
  • Mention your SafeHire profile's published testimonials, skill assessment results, and/or Portfolio.
  • Highlight a quantifiable (and verifiable) achievement/award.
  • If you're targeting the employer, then say so. Be sure to include keywords from their job description.
  • Tell them you look forward to meeting them and provide a clear call-to-action.
  • Showcase your enthusiasm and smile.
  • Remember that your first recording won't be your best. Don't let this discourage you. Record your video introduction a few times until you're happy with the result.


  • Have a messy or distracting background.
  • Let your pitch last longer than a minute. Recruiters value conciseness.
  • Include buzzwords. If you're wondering if a word is a buzzword, it probably is.
  • Talk about what you want out of the job. Focus on the value you bring instead.


Ways to share your video resume

mp4 file:

  • Your computer will have a Camera or Quicktime Player application. You can use these apps to record your video, then attach the mp4 file with your application. In this case, you'll likely want to remember a few bullet points to cover, rather than memorizing a script.


  • Many employers will feel more comfortable opening an HTTPS (secure) webpage than an unknown file. After creating an account, upload your mp4 file and share your video's URL link with employers on your resume.
  • CAUTION: Be certain that your profile isn't linked to other videos that you wouldn't want employers to see.


  • If memorizing a script or free-styling isn’t for you, SafeHire is your best bet. We provide a customizable script, and allow you to read it like a teleprompter while recording your video. Your SafeHire profile also allows you to gather & share validated employer/professor testimonials, soft skill assessment results, and your portfolio.


Employers don't receive video applications often. When they do, they notice.

You don't have to be just another resume. A video pitch is your chance to show the real you, and earn a 40% employment advantage.

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