The Issue with LinkedIn Recommendations


by Jesse Plunkett Posted on 1 year ago


LinkedIn is the world’s go-to professional networking platform. Their efforts have generated 700 million users and countless opportunities. However, a pure focus on networking has come with a few tradeoffs.

LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations as networking features, not to give recruiters confidence in your value. These features are built for reciprocation- friends, family, and work acquaintances give endorsements & recommendations, expecting to receive one back. This creates too much complexity for employers to find useful, especially when they cannot even contact recommendation providers without paying for InMail messages or sending a connection request. SafeHire’s founder (my wife), Karli, effortlessly stacked up LinkedIn endorsements for “Hostage Negotiation,” despite precisely zero experience. Because why not?

Those most qualified to give credible recommendations, such as employers & educators, face hazards for providing LinkedIn recommendations. Each user's profile shows the recommendations they've given, leading their other connections to feel entitled to an equally complimentary recommendation. For employers & educators, it’s safer not to give any recommendations than to become obligated with continual requests and expectations.

SafeHire solves references for hiring managers, jobseekers, and reference providers, focusing on verification, not networking. References may only come from workplace superiors, HR officers, and educators, using their verified professional email addresses. Reference-providers can know their references will only be visible to employers with access to an applicant’s custom URL. Each reference contains the provider’s professional email address, verifying their identity and allowing employers to quickly confirm their sincerity.

With SafeHire, providers can write a reference or even easily record a 30-45 second reference video. And let me tell you, recruiters love the added sincerity of a reference video.

In summary, LinkedIn will serve as a great networking resource, while SafeHire is the best way to share compelling, upfront references with employers and land interviews.

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