You Should Meet with a Career Advisor


by Jesse Plunkett Posted on 1 year ago


The benefits of a quality education don’t end in the classroom. Strong higher-ed institutions are eager to help you launch your career with impact.

Finding a quality job isn’t as simple as having the right skills, and job hunts have become anything but intuitive. You're likely competing against hundreds of other applicants with similar qualifications and work experience. Presentation is everything, and that's where your career service team steps in.

Only once in your life you have a team fully dedicated to your career success. From landing internships, writing cover letters, job interview prep, and more, students who leverage their college’s career services gain a substantial advantage.

Before meeting with your career services team, you simply don't know what you don't know. What may strike you as a perfectly compelling cover letter may show obvious flaws to an experienced career advisor. You may have crafted the perfect "objective statement" on your resume, only to have your career advisor tell you these statements appear self-serving and are outdated. This is why approaching your job search alone is a bad idea.

Crafting a powerful application is more than merely avoiding grammatical and punctuation errors. Career advisors can help you humanize and strengthen your application, boosting your chances of landing quality interviews.

You are more than your resume. You just need to show it.

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