References that matter

Save time with upfront references

You simply can’t call and verify every applicant’s references, especially when references often fail to provide valuable information.

Upfront references from validated sources save you time and provide early insights into a candidate’s quality.

Gain insights from credible, validated sources

SafeHire candidates may only request references from workplace superiors, HR officers, and educators.

These exclusive sources are the most qualified to testify to the work ethic and behavior of the candidate. Their experiences are the best indicators of what future employers can expect.

Reference requests may only be sent to validated professional email addresses, which are published with their reference.

Learn valuable candidate information

Workplace superiors & HR officers may include the following in their reference:

  • Candidate’s official job title
  • Candidate’s dates of employment
  • Written or video testimonial
  • Rating-scale responses

Educators may include the following in their reference:

  • Written or video testimonial
  • Rating-scale responses

Some references may prefer to answer rating-scale questions about a candidate, instead of writing or recording a reference.

References have more freedom to be candid

  • Liability concerns often prevent references from providing meaningful information, wasting your time and effort.
  • SafeHire candidates allow their employer references to speak candidly by providing 3-layers of protection:
    • Signing a waiver of liability, protecting the individual and any affiliated organizations
    • Explicitly consenting
    • Becoming the sole publisher of the privately-delivered reference